Whilst on maternity leave and just before my daughter was born, I was checking my lists and making sure that I had everything ready for the big day. But what if my baby needs the soothing of a dummy? I had a couple in but, would this be enough? Then I thought what was the best way to sterilise dummies? Yes I could put them in with the bottle steriliser but sometimes there is only just enough room for them let alone a days supply of dummies as well. I wanted to be able to sterilise at least a handful of dummies at once and again throughout the day if I needed to without using the bottle steriliser.


Upon flicking through the argos catalogue (mentally ticking things off my got list) I stumbled across a Clevamama’s dummy steriliser. Brilliant I thought, there are products out there that match my criteria, so on I read. Its as simple as, place dummies on the branches of the “tree” add water, place lid on, into microwave for 1 minute and voila, dummies all sterilised and ready to go when needed. Surely this was to good to be true, but as it was on special at Argos for £4 I thought why not give it a go.

To my surprise I read the instructions, added the little water needed and placed in the microwave. Ping, right lets check these dummies. All 6 that I had placed in were all fully sterilised and ready to use, and the great thing was i could sterilise them throughout the day, all ready in 1 minute, the container used for sterilising was nice and small so doesnt take up space on my bench and it means I dont have dummies lying all round the house as they are all kept together onmy little Clevamama’s tree.

Such a simple idea but a big impact on making my day to day jobs easier.

Well Done Clevamama.

Marrvellousthings x

(This is an honest review by myself and have had no influence by any third party)


The Best Product Ever………

I feel the need to inform you all of what I consider to be the best product that I have bought for my daughter, it is the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine.


Getting my head around the whole formula situation and making up the bottles in time for each feed without having a crying daughter was challenging. There are so many forums out there about which way was best and what the midwives were telling people they had to do. Gone are the days when you could make up a whole days worth of bottles and keep them in the fridge, taking out and warming up if and when needed. Now you have to boil the kettle, let it cool (which could take 30 minutes and more) and then make the bottle up for each feed! Well this to me was just so unfair on my daughter, why should she wait so long for her bottle especially in the early days when no routine was set and she was still adjusting to the world. Why on earth would I let my daughter cry each time for her bottle just because I had to follow the now new way!

After trawling the net I came across the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine and read raving reviews about the product. So I decided to visit my local Tommee Tippee Factory and inquire about this machine. Lindsay, the lady in the shop was very helpful, showing me the ins and outs of the machine and stated that everyone who had bought one had been back in the shop to say that they did not know how they had coped without one in the first place. So I decided to bite the bullet and I purchased one.

Upon getting it home it was so easy to set up and after preparing my daughters first bottle I have never looked back.

Using the Machine

I found this so easy to install and use with a step by step guide of how to set it up and get you on your way to the perfect 2 minute bottle. Its slick looking – just like a coffee machine, and is versatile with other bottles (I had to switch to Dr Browns bottles due to Isabelle having difficulties with her wind – I will blog about this in another post). It’s really easy to clean and the filter lasts for a good 4 months. The dial at the top allows you to change the amount of water needed depending on how much feed your baby is taking, this is such a great part of the machine as it means you dont even have to measure the water as it does it for you and it ranges from 4 to 11 ozs. There are warning lights for everything from when it runs out of water to when the filter needs changing, this meaning one less thing to worry about. You can merrily use the machine knowing that it is working as it should until a warning light comes on and even then it is clearly marked what the warning light means.

Upon mentioning this brilliant machine to my midwife on her last visit to see us, she stated that she had heard about them but they could not advise anyone to use them as they did not use sterilised water. Well to me this seemed daft as the water goes through a filter – taking any impurities out. It then releases the right amount of boiled water to kill any bacteria that could be in the formula and is then topped up with cooler water to make the milk the perfect temperature for your baby, thus providing an instant bottle. She asked if I could show her how it worked for pure curiosity purposes and she agreed that the machine just seemed a brilliant idea and so straight forward.


Yes this machine comes with quite a large price tag but if you think of the amount of times that you would boil the kettle for each bottle, that alone, to me – justified the price. This machine makes a bottle in 2 minutes to the perfect temperature for your baby without having them screaming the house down while the boiled water in the kettle cooled or you having to faff on trying to cool it by sticking it under the cold water tap, in a jug of cold water or even in a bucket of ice! This machine to me has just been a god send since day one and is still number one on my must haves list.

Well done Tommee Tippee!

Marrvellousthings x

(This is an honest review from myself and have had no influence by any third party)

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